Our Story


I Need Henna! Art Company was founded in 2010 by our owner and major nerd, Modesrah Ahmed, a mom, cub scout leader, public speaker and lead henna artist. Coming from a heritage where henna is an integral part of celebratory life, she has been doing henna since she was a child and therefore draws on decades of experience to provide beautiful body art. Modesrah is a hippy who loves nature and natural products so she makes sure that all the henna products we use or provide are chemical free, organic, eco friendly (whenever possible) and safe. Her OCD about perfection can be worrying but it also means that quality control is very high in our company.

What started off as a hobby and cultural passion for Modesrah has today become a successful local business that provides henna art services to both individuals and companies. The company has now expanded with the addition of part time artists and the introduction of hand painted crafts.